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Nurture and empower your mind, body, and soul through Balance Health’s powerful programs. Learn the effective techniques to address all negative baggage that is weighing you down.

November (exact date TBA)
Location: Zoom Online
Wellness Expert: Richard Wickes                                                                               

This course will teach you how to leverage your mind to explore the different layers of our body- our organs, bones, cells and DNA. You will learn the different energy theories related to the organs and their relationships with our emotions.


Pre-arranged online coaching schedules
with either Judy or Angela
Location: Zoom Online
Wellness Expert: Judy Xu and Angela Nesbitt

Learn how to rewire your brain to boost performance, strengthen relationships, improve your wellbeing, and diminish the patterns that currently sabotage your potential.

Mastermind 2

Pre-arranged schedule with nutrition coach & kinesiologist Catherine Hermant
Location: Zoom Online
Wellness Expert: Catherine Hermant

The program is designed for health warriors who wish to do a fasting program with impressive results. It will help prevent you from suffering from chronic diseases, manage weight, delay aging signs, enhance fertility and more.

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We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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