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The second, ‘The Winning Way’ with Leading Experts & Brian Tracy (International speaker, author of Maximum Achievement,Goals & 57 other bestselling books).

At 446 pages, this book containing the wisdom of 49 authors is a special edition featuring Paul.

It gives multiple valuable tips, advice and actionable strategies on everything from maximizing your income, to unlocking the secrets to longevity and how to build a business and life that you love.


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In it Paul writes a chapter ‘Winning Without Worry’ about his long and arduous journey that finally enabled him to overcome a 35 year Social Phobia and anxiety.

He then teaches how you can use a simple yet very effective breathing technique that lowers stress and cortisol levels, raises your anti-aging DHEA hormone, improves your heart function, calms, relaxes, makes you emotionally stronger, less reactive and improves your sleep

Paul also teaches how to reduce stress, anxiety and worry with the effective neuroscience based, ‘Havening Techniques’. This is accompanied by a link to a valuable free bonus video that demonstrates the Havening that you can easily follow along with to gain peace of mind.

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