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The Ultimate TCM Experience

USD 299



-Chinese Body Type Test
-One-on-one Consultation with TCM Practitioner
-Chinese Medicine Treatment: Acupuncture, Cupping or Moxibustion

-Get a guasha tool as a gift

Chinese Body Type Test

Chinese Medicine believes that every individual has a unique body constitution. Your body constitution or body type affects how you feel and behave. Moreover, it impacts how your body responds to the different causes of illnesses. Knowing your body constitution is important so that you can eat the foods and activities that are suited with your body type.

Consultation with TCM Practitioner
After the test, you will have a private consultation with a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. By examining your tongue, taking your pulse and temperature, and studying other external indicators, like your complexion and muscle tone, he will identify the imbalances in your body and prescribe a treatment plan.
You will receive a detailed report and advice on how to rebalance yourself, including tips on the best foods to eat and the lifestyle changes needed to remedy your symptoms and strengthen your body.

Experience a Chinese Medicine Treatment
Once diagnosed, you will have a choice of one of the following TCM treatments:

    1. Acupuncture
      Acupuncture is a healing system, where fine needles are inserted into the key blood channels to stimulate the free flow of energy (Qi) movement through your body.
    2. Cupping Therapy
      Heated cups are placed on targeted parts of the body. Pressure is then applied to create suction on those areas. In the process, toxins are released, and blood flow is increased.
    3. Moxibustion
      Moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of Yang deficiency or cold-type conditions. The heat generated by the burning mugwort is believed to stimulate circulation, improve energy flow, and promote healing.

The whole experience will take around 1-1.5 hour. Session fee is $1500.

Experience holistic healing at Balance Wellness Retreat
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