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Are you a Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Paul Emery fan?

Paul Emery co-authored two Amazon best-selling books. You may find both interesting because they are packed with lots of useful knowledge, information, tips and advice on a wide range of subjects – from improving your finances and health to being more successful!


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The first is, ‘The Soul of Success’ with Leading Experts & Jack Canfield (#1 New York Times bestseller with ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ – over half a billion sold, ‘The Success Principles’ and is a Guiness Book record holder for having 7 books on the NY Times bestseller list at the same time. Jack is also one of the stars of the inspirational ‘The Secret’ movie)

At a massive 545 pages, this book containing the wisdom of 60 authors is a special edition featuring Paul.

It gives multiple valuable tips, advice and actionable strategies, on everything from how to achieve the soul of success, to simple rules to sharpen your thinking and how to live peacefully in the eye of the hurricane.

In it Paul writes a chapter, ‘Havening – Instant Stress Relief – In Your Hands’. He firstly writes a short story titled ‘the story of Joe’. A cautionary tale about a typical workaholic who focuses largely on his work and career to the detriment of his family and his health. He realizes when it’s too late that he has lost everything dear to him – his family, his health.

Paul then goes on to outline the practical external and internal steps you can take not to end up like Joe and reduce your workload and stress levels.

He also teaches the ultimate stress, anxiety and worry reduction tool, ‘Havening’, which is based on the very latest and effective neuroscience. This comes with a link to a valuable free bonus video that can be followed along with to quickly ease any unwanted emotion.

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