Chinese medicine body type consultation + guasha tool
Chinese medicine body type consultation + guasha tool
The breakthrough program to build neuropathways for sustainable change!

TCM Self Care Exploration

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Chinese medicine body type consultation + guasha tool

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Discover how your body constitution influences your well-being and response to illnesses. Get a personalized report, learn your body type, and receive guidance on food and activities to enhance your health. Find out what diet, fitness and lifestyle is best for you.

What are the benefits from the Chinese Body Type test?
● It identifies your primary and secondary body types based on the ancient philosophy and modern practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
● It helps you understand your health status and its relation to your body type
● It assesses and informs you of your body’s strengths and weaknesses
● It recommends effective ways to maintain your wellbeing naturally
● You will receive a comprehensive Report for your Primary Body Type (10+ pages)

This package comes with a gua sha tool that can help relieve facial tension, puffiness and a lot more.


Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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