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TCM Herbal Oil Bundle for Menstrual Pain


Introducing Our Soothing Menstrual Pain Relief Oil Special Deal 

🌸 Discover Natural Relief for Menstrual Discomfort 🌸

Experience Gentle Comfort with Angelica, Mugwort, and Organic Ginger Oil

We understand the challenges that come with menstrual discomfort. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a nurturing formula that combines the power of Angelica, Mugwort, and Organic Ginger oils, designed to bring you soothing relief during your menstrual cycle.

Each essential oil included in the bundle is 10ml in volume.

🌿 The Magic Blends that Sooth 🌿

Angelica Essential Oil: Known for its remarkable ability to nourish the blood and warm the meridians, Angelica provides a comforting embrace during those challenging days. Its gentle touch helps ease tension and promote a sense of well-being.

Mugwort Essential Oil: With its special warmth, Mugwort has been used for generations to bring relief to the uterus. Its gentle, nurturing properties create an environment of calm, helping you find balance and comfort.

Organic Ginger Essential Oil: Ginger, a cherished spice, holds the power to dispel cold and bring warmth. When it comes to your reproductive system, Organic Ginger oil lends its soothing touch, providing gentle relief from menstrual discomfort.

🌻 Your Personalized Massage Ritual 🌻

Discover a time-honored massage technique that amplifies the benefits of our menstrual pain relief oil. Follow these simple steps for a soothing experience:

  1. Prepare: Mix 4 drops of Angelica essential oil, 3 drops of Mugwort essential oil, and 2 drops of Organic Ginger essential oil with 10 ml of your chosen base oil (almond oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil).
  2. Apply: Gently apply a suitable amount of the massage oil mixture to your lower abdomen.
  3. Massage: Using a gentle clockwise motion, knead the oil into your skin for about 5 minutes. Feel the tension melt away as you focus on the soothing sensation.
  4. Nurture: While massaging, use the palm of your hand to apply a soft, rotational pressure. This gentle technique encourages the oil to absorb while promoting a soothing, comforting feeling.

🌼 Embrace Relief, Naturally 🌼

Join countless individuals who have embraced the natural power of Angelica, Mugwort, and Organic Ginger oil to find comfort during their menstrual cycles. At Balance Health, we’re committed to crafting products that prioritize your well-being, offering you a moment of respite in the midst of life’s demands.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing relief. Welcome our menstrual pain relief oil into your self-care routine today and experience the gentle touch of nature’s nurturing embrace.

Order Now and embark on a journey to natural comfort like never before!


This bundle is 10% off the total price of all 3 oils which are:

Organic ginger – $98

Angelica- $368

Mugwort – $138

Standard price: $604

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