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What you will get:

A full course of treatment  composed of 3 sessions. We recomend that you take the 3 sessions in a month.

We also welcome you if you prefer a single treatment, if the timing is not allowed for you to take a full course of treatment.

Comprehensive diagnosis for the first time to understand the past medical history and personal body constitution of your case.

  • Complimentary 5 packets of Zero Additive Dried Fruit Tea Drink that costs HKD200
  • The herbal pack can be used as a bath or foot soak at home.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert’s guidance on living and eating habits based on personal body constitution and physical condition.
  • Improve the internal circulation of the uterus and the balance of meridian and viscera functions through acupuncture to enhance female reproductive function.
  • Moxibustion warms our uterus, nourish our reproductive function, adjust the thickness of the endometrium, and restore it to a normal state.
  • Cupping to promote overall Qi and blood circulation, metabolize what the body does not need, so that the body has enough space to restore energy
  • Abdominal herbal massage can release the tightness of the abdomen and transform the long-term accumulated pressure. By using hot ironing, the herbal juice can be used to purify our upper, middle, and lower abdomen through the pores. It also activates the functions of the uterus and ovaries.

What to Expect:

First Stage: Diagnosis + acupuncture + moxibustion + cupping (80mins + Consultation included)

Second Stage: Acupuncture + moxibustion + abdominal release herbal massage 45mins (100mins)

Third Stage: Acupuncture + moxibustion + abdominal release herbal massage 45mins (100mins)

Price:7000HKD (Chinese Medicine is not included)


Please take note that:

1. This course of treatment will be completed three times within a week, and an appointment is required.

2. Those who make an appointment, please allow two full hours for the second and third sessions, so that the practitioner will have sufficient time to be more involved in the client’s body awareness. It will also help with having better results as you will also have enough time to rest and relax in the full session.

3. 10% discount offer on the regular price of herbal medicine if needed, with an average of HKD99 per day (For regular price herbals only)

A方案.基礎療程 (一個完整療程包含三次個案,若無法空出時間於一週內參與完整療程可選擇單項服務)
3x 針灸 全身性調理+助孕或補腎養宮
3x 艾灸
1x 拔罐
2x 腹部釋放草本按摩 45 mins
  • 養身草本茶飲
  • 草藥包可攜帶回家做為泡澡或泡腳使用。
Key benefits:
  • 依據個人體質和身體狀態,提供合適的生活及飲食習慣引導
  • 透過針灸改善子宮內部循環及經絡臟腑的動態平衡,提升女性生殖功能
  • 艾灸可溫暖我們的子宮,滋養我們的生殖功能,調整子宮內膜的厚度與恢復到正常狀態
  • 拔罐以促進整體氣血循環,代謝身體所不需要的,讓身體有足夠的空間去恢復能量
  • 腹部深度按摩釋放腹部的緊繃,轉化長期積累的壓力,同時透過熱熨將草本汁液透過毛孔淨化我們的上中下腹,活化子宮和卵巢功能。
First Stage 診斷+針灸+艾灸+拔罐
Second Stage 針灸+艾灸+腹部釋放草本按摩
Third Stage 針灸+艾灸+腹部釋放草本按摩
Price:7000HKD (不包含中藥)
  1. 此療程會在一週內進行三次完整,參與此療程時需先行預約。
  2. 每次療程約1.5小時,請參與療程者空出兩小時的完整時間,讓執行師在充裕的時間協助個案更投入於身體覺察中,結束個案時也有足夠時間休息放鬆,使效果提升。
  3. 若有需要中藥者另算,參與療程者中藥正價打九折,平均一日99元(若有貴重藥材另算)
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