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Mirror Me gives children the ability to look at their feelings and what’s happening in their lives from so many different perspectives. They can be a spider… a tree… an angel… a king… an alien… a monster! I’ve watched kids playing with the cards and I love seeing them laugh, and I love seeing their creativity shine through.

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The cards aren’t a substitute for therapy, but they do provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which to express how we feel. I made the cards with my own illustrations, first on paper cards, then on my iPad. As a psychology major, I knew how good the cards would be for kids, especially if I designed them with simple, fun, child-like illustrations.

In a nutshell, Mirror Me is a card game for 1-3 players, aged 4 to 104. There are 52 hand-illustrated cards. The cards offer easy-to-understand, fun gameplay with the added benefit of helping people – children and adults alike – process what’s going in their heads, and their lives. Children take on the role of the creature or object on their card, taking the perspective of that creature/object, thus telling their story from a different point of view. Parents can connect with their children by roleplaying with them, and by asking them to elaborate on what they’re seeing and feeling. Each game lasts as long as you want it to.

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