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Luuna Lit Candle


Introducing ‘My Period is Lit’ a range of sustainably-made candles created to help us value and harness the power of our cycles. The first in this range is Cramp Relief, created with the natural essence of Peony and Rose, plants known as natural remedies to ease menstrual cramps.
We curated this special scent with advice from Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and Aromatherapist from Balance Health Clinic – a Holistic Health clinic, hoping to bring you a better period 🙂
Peony rose is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for pampering the liver’s qi. In TCM, it is believed that cramps may be caused by stagnation of qi in the liver, that’s why these natural essences may be beneficial for easing menstrual pain.
Learn more about the benefits of peony & rose here
Made with all-natural ingredients: vegetal wax, coconut oil, fine fragrances, essential oils. Hand-poured in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Approximate burn time: 50 hours.


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