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Energetic Kinesiology



Most everyday problems that people experience can be traced back to stress that is locked up deep within the body, mind, and energy system. Stress can be stored in any or a combination of those systems in places such as muscles, bones, organs, nervous system, cells, blood, DNA, aura, chakras etc… which may manifest in adverse physical, emotional, and mental reactions.

Benefits of Kinesiology
It can be beneficial in improving the following conditions:
– Acute or Chronic Stress
– Headache/Migraine
– Difficulty to fall and/or stay asleep
– Chronic fatigue
– Chronic pain
– Fertility enhancement
– Feminine hormone imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, Menopause
– Digestive problems
– Immune system problems
– Emotional Trauma or difficulties

What to expect
To de-stress and re-balance the body & mind, Catherine uses energetic Kinesiology techniques, nutritional recommendations, coaching, body work and energy healing such as acupressure points, sounds & light, Bach flower essence…

How many sessions will be needed?
The number of sessions varies for each person, their issues and how well they follow any changes recommended. Generally, people feel a significant improvement within their first 3 appointments. Once their goals or a state of optimum health have been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent dis-eases.

“Your body has all the information it needs to attain optimal health and wellbeing”

– Stress Management
– Hormone Balances
– Digestive Health
– Immune system health
– Emotional Wellbeing

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