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Chinese Medicine Combatting Covid Package



Boost your immunity today. Balance Health launches a special Online TCM Consultation package to support your overall health, especially now that we are facing the covid-19 pandemic.

Now is the best time to boost your immunity. Balance Health has put together a thoughtfully curated Covid IMMUNITY package to assist you and your loved ones in these trying times. Aimed at aiding you with Covid symptoms prevention, Covid symptoms management, and post-Covid care, the Chinese medicine package priced at only HK$660 covers the help that you need for the current health situation.

The package includes:

– Online consultation with registered and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners
– 3-day Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs to boost your health conditions


Chinese herbs like honeysuckle and forsythia when mixed together following a prescribed TCM formula can strengthen our lungs to fight off viruses- and bacteria-causing cough, flu, fever and other symptoms.

Our TCM practitioners will suggest tea recipes and techniques that can treat covid symptoms such as fatigue, fever, headache, Shengmai San and sore throat.

TCM has practices that when implemented along with Chinese herbs such as ginseng and Shengmai san can help people further strengthen their lung and heart functions and blood circulation

1. Purchase your Combatting Covid Package

2. Fill out the Online Diagnostic Form about your health history and current medical record.

3. Online consultation via Zoom, Whatsapp, or Skype with our TCM experts and get prescriptions after.

4. Receive the Herbal Medicine package.

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