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Experience Wellness with Dr. Grace Special Package B


Experience Wellness with Dr. Grace Special Package B

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis + Acupuncture + Abdominal Release Massage


Duration: 90 minutes 

Original price:HK$2,600 

Promotion price: HK$1,900

This promotional price is limited to a certain number of people and is only available for first-time use. Please schedule for almost two hours to allow yourself enough time to fully relax and experience the treatment before and after.


With special acupuncture techniques, this treatment helps to adjust the functions of your internal organs to a balanced state and to focus on whole-body adjustment. Through special abdominal pressure techniques, it improves the circulation of Qi and blood in the abdomen, releases long-term blockages and pressures, and when there is enough space in the abdominal area, it can assist in the repositioning and improvement of the organ function. The treatment package is suitable for people with gynecological diseases, poor gastrointestinal system, feeling heavy and weak, or those who want to experience a healthy treatment.

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