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Healing Benefits of Cherry Blossom Four Tea for Women’s Health


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The Four teauses low-temperature baked Tongyan Cherry Blossom from Taiwan and natural dried fruits including juicy peach which are irrigated with water sources from Shei Pa Mountain, Flavorful Sweet Strawberries freshly picked and delivered daily from DaHu Taiwan.

These four kinds of tea present different styles and atmospheres with warm and smooth textures. Cherry blossoms symbolize renascence which is full of energy. The scarlet flame of dragon fruit symbolizes happiness, just like celebrating at a party cheerfully. In a blink of an eye, you are much like placing yourself in the forest enjoying the relaxation of your body both physically and mentally with a sense of joy while relishing into it. For functions, this tea primarily beautifies our skin. Cherry blossom increases bowel movement and facilitates lung improvement. Additionally, it contains abundant plentiful substances like Vitamin A, B, and more. Peach blossom is sweet and spicy, a portion of warm food that improves blood circulation and beautifying our skin. The book “Guo Jing Ben Cao” mentioned pick some fresh peach blossom and infuse in liquor. Drink a small cup of liquor every day can give you a ruddy complexion and be as pretty as a peach blossom.

Koi-Yamagata Tea
Apple, cherry, pineapple, watermelon, poria, ophiopogon japonicus, dragon fruit, raspberry, ocimum tenuiflorum, cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom and Berry Tea
Cherry, cherry blossom, apple, pineapple, dragon fruit, strawberry, stevia

Fragrance of Cherry Blossom
Apple, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, dragon fruit, raspberry, cherry blossom leaf, cherry blossom, osmanthus fragrance, stevia.

Beautifying Peach Tea
Peach, black tea, apple, strawberry, rose, stevia

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