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The fusion of CBD+ Energy medicine + Gua Sha + Massage gives you an Ultimate Facial Skin Rejuvenation for a natural life and glow from within!
It relaxes stiff muscles and promotes tissue drainage providing glowing dewy skin that is lifted and revitalized.


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What is included in the treatment?

Reset: Start the wellness journey with CBD Infused Tea that calms your senses and induces relaxation.
Breathe: CBD oil for the neck and shoulders massage to break up the tension, then Guasha tool to work on the neck to release toxins from the lymphatic system.
Heal: Inner healing with crystal-infused mask for hydration to help rejuvenate the skin and facial roller to break down the fascia in the face.
Glow: Seal your experience CBD facial toner, a fresh spray of rose and crystal infused mist.
Note: Not a traditional facial and does not include extractions, steaming, etc.

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