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Our CBD Facial Acupuncture Treatment is a comprehensive fusion of Ancient Wisdom of Facial Acupuncture, and the Modern Science of CBD to address long-term skin concerns such as acne, signs of aging, dryness, or oily skin.


Product Title

During Facial Acupuncture, needles are inserted at pressure points, energy and endorphins are released. When energy flows more efficiently, circulation is improved, helping the body regain a youthful glow. Afterwhich the face is lathered with CBD oil containing Vitamin D and E, which can nourish and moisturizes the skin. Perfect Match!

What is included in the treatment?

Reset: Start the wellness journey with CBD Infused Tea that calms your senses and induces relaxation.
Breathe: Feel the sense of inner peace with Aromatherapy while having guided mindfulness breathing exercise
Heal: Facial and body Acupuncture
Glow: Seal your experience with a deep relaxation of singing bowl
Note: Not a traditional facial and does not include extractions, steaming, etc.

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