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Dr. Ruth Lee has dedicated herself to research and practice in tuina for some 40 years. The specialized practice, Zhu’s One-finger Zen, penetrates into the fundamentals of health, enhances our defense mechanism and is effective in treating a wide range of dis- eases.

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Based on the same ancient wisdom, pediatric tuina is an effective therapy in treating various infant conditions. As pediatric tuina can elevate both the physical and mental wellness of children, she believes it has the potential to play a larger role in our efforts to build a healthy nation. AcuTouch is a fun and accessible tool enabling parents to take an active interest in promoting their children’s development and well-being. In Dr. Ruth Lee’s book “The Soft Touch of Tiger Moms”, she introduces the unique AcuTouch Baby Tuina, which does not only promote bonding between parents and their babies, but also promotes the physical and mental health of babies.

In addition, Dr. Lee’s book also has an English version. Please click here to learn more.

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