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The 24 Solar Terms of the Traditional Chinese Calendar


Based on the observation of the sun’s annual motion, the ancient Chinese created a lunar calendar dividing the year into 24 segments lasting about 15 days each. Each segment is given a specific solar term and reflects the changes in climate, natural phenomena, and agricultural production, providing a time frame to guide farmers, festivals and other aspects of everyday human life. Having been merged into the Gregorian calendar, the system has been passed down for generations.

Working with the natural flow of the earth is easier than going against it. It can teach us how to live in harmony with the universe and natural environment. If we can learn the basics of this ancient wisdom, living with nature instead of against it, we can make the best use of opportunities to improve our well-being.

We are excited to share a series of articles on the solar terms for each season so you can begin to learn the characteristics and signs of the changing solar terms and tips for how to best care for yourself as the season change.

Know more about our Chinese medicine experts Dr. Clara Chan and Michelle Zhang.

Clara Chan is a TCM practitioner with a registered license in Hong Kong. She is also an acupuncturist and has helped a lot of clients in their fertility journey. In the recent pandemic situation, Clara Chan has also used her knowledge in Chinese medicine to help patients with covid and long-covid conditions.

Michelle Zhang is an extremely popular TCM practitioner in Hong Kong. She is fascinated by the mind-body connection and, like all practitioners at Balance Health, she approaches health issues in an empathetic and holistic way. As both a registered TCM doctor, and holding a Masters in Counselling, Dr. Michelle Zhang is well-versed in acupuncture and TCM to treat women’s health issues such as hormonal imbalance and fertility, chronic pain, or emotional challenges like stress and anxiety management.

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