Awaken a sense of vitality with Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese martial art focused on the flow of energy through the body. Delve into a quintessential part of Chinese culture in this private Qi Gong class.

Qi Gong combines graceful, fluid movements with breathing and meditation techniques to heal and strengthen the body, both physically and spiritually. Experience this relaxing, low impact exercise in a private class with Tai Chi master, Sifu Joe Lok.

Your class is led by Qi Gong master, Sifu Joe Lok, an acclaimed 27th direct descendant of the legendary Tai Chi founder and Taoist Zhan Sanfeng, who practiced the art over 1000 years ago. Under his guidance, you will be introduced to the basic forms of Qi Gong, a series of slow and choreographed sequences. You will learn how to position your arms and feet in each form, as well as how to transition seamlessly from one move to another and breathe evenly with each step.

The benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong are manifold, including:
- enhanced health and energy
- reduced stress and improved balance and mental awareness
- awakens in you a sense of vitality and strengthens your body

Your healing benefits:
Qi Gong will increase the flexibility of your joints and will improve your immune system. Qi Gong is also supporting patients who are suffering from rheumatism and nerve problems and reduces the possibility of strokes and heart attacks. By practicing Qi Gong you will become more energetic and are capable of staying calm in stressful situations. An independent thinking will be your positive outcome and longer-term practice will retain youthfulness forever.

Create a perfect balance with your body and mind. Qi Gong is easy to learn and will be a life-changing experience if you make it your daily habit.

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Our Therapists

Sifu Joe Lok