Four Days - Accessing Inner Guidance
The call to a state of awareness can come in many forms. For some emotionality brought on by the shakiness of anxiety or the interruption of thought gifted from stress makes change necessary. For others it may be a desire to trust more in yourself and stand up to negative self-talk.

Whatever the call, an answer is here. Meditation is a gateway into self understanding. The practice can be done in the typical fashion of sitting with eyes closed, during movement of the physical body or in simply walking. Join me for a journey of meditation to help you access inner guidance that will remain with you long after the course.

The following serves as a guideline for the practice of accessing awareness. Each day will be tailored to mirror your intentions for beginning this important self-work.

Day one: Finding the Breath and Grounding
Everything, including our own existence begins with the breath and so shall this journey. The mind as well as the body and spirit are intricately woven with the breath. We will engage in various relaxation techniques to increase awareness of the breath, calm the body, quiet the mind and ground the self.

Day Two: Active Meditation/Guided Imagery
Many of us are entranced by routine as our hectic schedules work as efficient distracters keeping us separated from a sense of who we are. We will meet the mind in its busyness by practicing active meditation techniques. These techniques involve stages of physical movement and/or sound generation followed by an energy shift into stillness. Guided imagery may also be used to stimulate an internal visual focus.

Day Three: Journeying with the senses
Building a relationship with yourself, through the practice of meditation, calls for an understanding of your senses. We will engage in meditation techniques designed to focus on each of the well known five senses as bridges between external and internal experience.

With heightened senses, we will conclude with an inner guidance meditation practice which aids in developing a trust with your instinctual self. Within this meditation you will practice the observance of thought, habitual patterns and emotional reactions.

Day Four: Putting Lessons into Practice
“Change leads to disappointment if it is not sustained. Transformation is sustained change, and it is achieved through practice.”
~ B.K.S. Iyengar

After spending three sessions together learning practices of meditation, day four, the ending, will help you translate your learning into an ongoing practice. We will engage in a combination of silent meditation, inner guidance meditation and active meditation. Space will be provided for expression of self-reflection to anchor your ongoing work.

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Our Therapists

Linda Fancy
Lori Mariani