In Sisterhood We Rise: Planting the Seed of Creation and Manifestation

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Are you looking to create a more authentic life, seeking a career change or are you an aspiring entrepreneur about to step into a new phase of your life? Are the shoes of your old identity pressing tightly onto your toes and the energetic space that you have been inhabiting caging you in? are you longing for a whole new perspective, ready to perceive the world through a different lens. 

Longing to break free?  

Are you half way along your awakening journey, but somehow got entangled on the way? Is your subconscious pushing you towards a new phase of self transformation or growth?  Is your higher self constantly whispering in your ear, reminding you about your soul purpose, those dreams of freedom and expansion and your true essence: How you came here to planet Earth to inspire and impact, express and become the best, healed, true version of self and shower the world with your gifts?

 You know your dreams, but they seem far-fetched. 

… and yet the planted seeds awaken from their dormant state. 

 You are listening and the seedling is longing to break through its husk. 

 Yet you feel utterly lost. 

Confused and alone.

In this world of infinite possibilities, how do we navigate our way? 

We feel intimidated. 

We retrieve and we retract. 

We feel exposed, evaluated, judged. 

We compare ourselves to others and let our internalized negative voices go rampant. 

And we get carried away by the daily chores and challenges of life. 

We give in. 

Our comfort-zone is our home. 

It feels safe here, so cozy and fluffy. 

We don’t need to expose ourselves to the world.  

We feel frustrated, exhausted, maybe small and unimportant. 

We don’t value ourselves enough. 

We might be hiding behind an identity that has served us in the past.  

That promotes survival rather than thriving. 

We procrastinate. 

We’d rather ignore constant nagging from deep within. 

But the force of nature has its way once awakened, it can no longer be easily suppressed.  The natural force gathers momentum, the seed is about to sprout. 

You want to do more! you want to explore!

You are ready! 

Luring us with our own dreams, yearnings and desires, 

divine nature wants to finally break free from that self-imposed corset of life. 

What if 

 … we could hand over our guarded control to the Universe and finally surrender into this process of self transformation and growth. 

… we could embrace our true spirit and embody fully our natural, creative force 

Let our divine essence flow through us and express, create, manifest our soul purpose. 

… remove the aching shoes and the tight corsets and 

Expand our lungs,  breathe freely and dance naked to our own unique movement in alignment with the rhythm of the Universe: 

Alive and Abundant. 

Leaving the negative emotions and thoughts behind. 

Becoming that magnet of overflowing positive energy. 

Tapping into the divine universal source and letting life flow through us effortlessly.

Rewrite our narrative. 

What if 

We could embody that place of growth and expansion within a safe container. 

Within a circle of divine sisterhood. 

Holding each other’s hand 

Rising together. 

Guiding each other. 

Cheering each other on. 

Dancing around that fire of wisdom. 

Let’s let the vibrant energy run through the women’s circle, 

Let it be amplified perpetually within. 

You are no longer alone on your journey to self transformation

And on your path to effortless creation. 

Creating out of the joy of being alive, the gratitude and the desire to impact others, uplift others along and let them join the movement to a higher state of vibration. 

The world is your mirror. 

To embody that place, that place of your dream. 

In our Women’s Circle we provide you with tools and guidance exercises and engage in deep inspirational conversations that will take our self-transformation to a whole new level. 

You will gather knowledge about how that internal alignment works, how you can overcome negative thoughts and step into an energetic field of abundance, that gets you ready to step onto a new path, take on the bigger role and responsibility and inspire and impact those around you. 

Let the creative power of the Universe flow through you and guide your self transformation. 

Join us in our gathering on March 12th – the first session of our annual Women’s Circle. 


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