Did you know that more than half (65% percent to be exact) of deaths globally are the result of non-communicable diseases? Or that these diseases are preventable through behavioral and lifestyle modification?

This information alone is so empowering, as we can begin to take ownership for our health and loosen the grip that ‘fate’ has held on our livelihood.

What’s more, is modern medicine has become widely viewed as simply treatment for symptoms of a problem that has already taken root. And now more than ever, people are turning to natural medicine and ancient schools of wisdom as keys to health risk prevention, longevity and cures for existing illness.

Five Elements Theory is one of those sacred pieces of wisdom that offers telling insights into:
• Who we are,
• What our unique health and wellness needs are, and
• How to integrate these considerations into our day-to-day

Our very own Dr. Stanley Cheung is a teacher of Five Elements Theory and passionate to share this knowledge with the public and ultimately, to help you to improve your overall quality of life.

PINKBOX, pioneer in stunning jewelry and believer in all things tender loving care, has graciously opened their doors to the Balance Health community for an evening of sacred knowledge sharing, led by Dr. Stanley, and connection to other like-minded individuals in Hong Kong who are keen to learn more about themselves and how to restore balance to their lives.

Date & Time: Aug. 26, 2017 2-3:30PM



23/F Winbase Centre

208 Queens Road Central

Hong Kong

There are very limited seats available at this event, so we hope you will be there to join us. You may RSVP by emailing appt@balancehealth.com.hk or by registering here.

***PLEASE NOTE that this event is in Cantonese only. If you are interested in attending a similar event in English, email to let us know!

Key discussion points:
• Treatment vs. healing
• Where disease comes from
• Lifestyle and behavioral considerations for our modern world
• Dealing with pressure from work, relationships, self-expectations, etc.
• What does it mean to find ‘balance’ and how can we achieve this so-called balance?
• What is Five Elements Theory
• What we can learn from ancient wisdom for modern life
• How to improve your life energy and overall quality of life
• Finding harmony with your external world