Our Path to Purpose and Bliss: Accessing Our Wisdom Within

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In one way or another, aren’t we all searching for our own heaven here on earth? 

Our own personal Shangri-la.  

The mystical lands of happiness, abundance and wellbeing. 

Peace and bliss. 


A place where we can just be.

Feel fulfilled.  


We call it Utopia? 

Impossible to reach. 


But what if it was possible to create your own bliss bubble. 


Most of us were sent ‘out into this world’ without a roadmap and without GPS coordinates. 

We were taught that if we ‘work-hard’ we will get somewhere. 

That our sacrifices will lead us to success and success will make us happy. 

Societal, cultural and religious values lay the stepping stones for our path. 


We start walking and all seems fine until we reach that point in our lives where we stumble and pause, we look back and question: was it all worth the sacrifice? 


Why am I here? 


At this moment in life we might wonder what we are here to do, to feel, to want? 

We call it a ‘mid-life crisis’, we no longer understand ourselves. 


We might be feeling empty. 

We might be feeling lost. 

Doubts are creeping up and that feeling that there is no meaning to it all. 

Distracted by daily chores and personal challenges, our to do lists we seem to be unable to recognize the depth of our soul. 


Our conventional ideas of what success and direction mean are no longer helping us find our way forward. We are longing for more! 


We are looking for more meaning – OUR PURPOSE. 


And slowly we start looking inwards and before we know it we have embarked on a journey to our core; exploring our inner most meanders, valleys and mountains of our internal landscapes, the deep of our souls’ desires; our values, our beliefs about the world and our beliefs about ourselves. 


What if we start leaving the familiar and comfort behind and step into the unknown? 


The wilderness of the cosmos, the vastness of the universe … 

Our own infinity consciousness. 


What if … we start shedding layers of pain, leaving behind what is holding us back and acknowledge our innermost desires, living up to our values, cherishing our own divine gifts and sharing them with the world! 


Expressing our essence.

Feeling Alive. 




Treasuring our story. 

Our Being. 

Our own gifts 

Our own unique combination of experiences. 



In full acceptance and unconditional Love for self, others and the universe. 


If you are ready. 

Let’s walk this path together. 


Join us on our 4-week Women's Circle autumn program


We will walk this path along with you. 


Re-awakening your innate intuition. 

Releasing self-limiting beliefs. 

Exploring the essence of your soul and life plan. 

Your skills and gifts. 

And embarking on the journey to discover your purpose. 

Be the best version of yourself. If you are interested in joining the Aligned, Alive, Abundant Women's Circle - Autumn Gathering, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you.



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