Pascale Bertoli

Stress Management Counselor
English, French, Italian, Japanese
+852 2530 3315

Registered Counselor with the State of Colorado, USA, member of the American Psychological Association, certified EMDR Clinician with EMDRIA (USA), certified practitioner in mindfulness training (MBB) and hypnotherapist.

Pascale is a French-born, English and French speaking counseling therapist and professional coach. She is a seasoned expatriate who has lived in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions for over 25 years and she is a long-term resident of Hong Kong. Pascale is now completing her doctoral studies in psychology (anticipated to finish early 2017).

Approaches to health are holistic, and optimal wellbeing engages body and soul.

She specializes in issues of stress, acute stress and burnout, and trauma. She believes that approaches to health are holistic, and optimal wellbeing engages body and soul. Managing stress, burnout and mental health is not restricted to counseling therapy, but also integrates body practices.

She was trained in Australia and the USA, and has practiced in various settings, including private practice, trauma centers, behavioral rehabilitation units, the jails and court system. She studied EMDR under Dr. John Hartung, PsyD., one of the founders and early program coordinators at the EMDR International Association (USA) and also trained in Mindfulness programs, MBB, under the supervision of Dr. Stanley Block, MD, its originator.

She is a certified yoga therapist and has practiced mindfulness and meditation since her teen years. She uses these tools daily with her clients and in her personal practice. As a past competitive athlete, she has a life-long interest in matters of sports performance and health and wellness. She spends her spare time on outrigger canoes, or white water rafting and kayaking, climbing rock faces, hiking in high altitude, and more generally, enjoying the outdoors with her two teenage Eurasian children.

Therapies by Pascale