Parenting Emotions

How can we help our children with emotions in a fun way? Without a doubt Emotional intelligence is a key life skill. As parents it’s never too later to get a better understanding of emotions.
In a short one hour workshop you will get practical approaches to coaching and training about how to support healthy emotional habits.
You will learn the biggest emotional poisons, that most peoples are not aware of.
You will learn some games to play with your kids to help their development

Talk by Richard Wickes: Emotional Grammar Therapist, Fascia Therapist, Naturopath, CMT

Head onto to learn more about Richard's Mirror Me Cards, a fun activity for parents and children to connect. The Mirror Me cards enable kids to process the emotions they’re dealing with and the situations they’re facing.

Event Details

Parenting Emotions

July 24th
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Price: HKD 50

Location: Balance Health

To register, please call us on 2530 3315 or fill out the form below.


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