"Movement is Life"

We will bring understandings on Aliveness/Health qualities in Taoism and Chinese Medicine, and how they meet and can be supported in the more recent discoveries and Western somatic (‘Soma’ means ‘of the body’’) approaches.

With curiosity, let yourself explore basic theory of concepts such as the Yin Yang circulation, to being aligned and the triune Brain, with experiential body-Mind-Energy exercises, we will aim to illustrate and understand our adaptability, what we can do to leverage and cultivate resiliency and thrive with intention, on a daily basis.

Anne will introduce Seiki and Tension Release and Chi Nei Tsang techniques that can support your integrative aliveness whether you’re on the quest to fertility, getting more energy, clarity, emotional stability…

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Own Your Vitality

Dec 11th

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Anne Cousin

Seiki, Shiatsu, TRE, CNT Practitioner

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