Oil of the month – Purification Oil

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A blend of Citronella, Lemon grass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavendin & Mrytle

Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Anti bacterial, Anti inflammatory, Insecticidal

With the summer coming and the humidity and heat returning, here are 5 useful tips how you can use Purification oil to improve your environment, health & well-being.

1. Get cleaner air
Put a few drops onto a ball of cotton wool and place it on the air conditioning vent of your home/office/hotel inside smelly shoes in the smelly bin / diaper pails in damp cupboards

2. Protect yourself from germs and illnesses
Rub 2-3 drops directly under each foot to support your immune system. Fights cold, flus, candida and infection.
Apply to blister, cut or scrapes to cleanse and protect – use 2 drop of Purification oil to 2 drop of vegetable oil – test for sensitivity as this is quite a strong oil.

3. Get rid of the itchiness from mosquito bites
Apply directly onto the area to relieve itching.
Put 1 drop directly onto fleas and ticks to get rid of them on your pets.

4. Soothe your sore throat
Rub 1 drop of purification to 1 drop of vegetable oil onto the neck area to ease the pain or put a few drops in a diffuser and use for 15-30 mins every 3-4 hours. Will eliminate any airborne microbes.

5. Freshen your laundry
Add 2 drops to a wet cloth and put it in the dryer.

N.B. If in doubt, mix Purification oil with vegetable oil before applying onto your skin.

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