Oh No! The mosquitoes are back!

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With the weather warming up, the mosquitoes are coming out to pester us again. It’s always frustrating as we have to either cover up in the blazing heat or stay cool with shorts and short sleeves but risk getting bitten.

Some mosquito bites are mild but some are so itchy and can stay with you for days, all red and swollen waiting to be scratched. So what are the choices in repelling these little pests ?

We are fortunate in Hong Kong as there are plenty of mosquito repellents on the market and these days we are spoilt for choice. Some come with DEET which we all know is so strong, it will definitely deter them coming near you but is it good for your skin?

Why not make your own natural insect repellent?

The easiest way is to use Purification oil as it is already mixed with essential oils which have excellent insect repellents such as Citronella, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Mrytle, Rosemary and Lavendin.

• Use 15 drops of Purification oil
• 4 oz witch hazel / vodka
• 8 oz distilled water
Pour into a glass sprayer
Shake and spray

It’s so easy to make, even my 11 year old daughter makes it herself (without the vodka of course) .

If you want to experiment with other essential oils, mosquitoes hate

• Thieves • Rosemary • Eucalyptus • Geranium • Lavender • Peppermint • Lemon

You can replace some drops of Purification with a few of the above essential oils. Make sure you like the smell of the new spray.

Essential oils also are great for stopping the itchiness and infection when you have been bitten.

As it has natural antiseptic qualities, you don’t have to worry about any chemicals or pesticides lurking around either.

Apply 1-6 drops neat or diluted, depending on size of the area 3-5 times daily.

Purification oil is a little strong so if you have sensitive skin, then do a small patch test first. You can then apply it directly or dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil ( eg grapeseed, sweet almond, vegetable oil ) – 1 part of each.

Lavender can also be used directly on the bite and safe to apply onto your skin. It smells great too.

Besides repelling these pesky mosquitoes, Purification oil can be used widely around the house. Check out our 5 useful tips.

Have a happy and pesky free summer !

Best Wishes,
Irene Li


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