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2018: The year of Spiritual Connection and Deepening the Connection with Self and Others

We are finally moving beyond a very challenging global transition which started in 2016 with a global 9 year, which is a year of ending and completion. 2017 was supposed to bring in new clarity and new beginnings, but it was a slow start because the energy of the 9 year can hold us back. Now in 2018 we are fully free to move into more enlightenment and create new things in our life and business with the help of spiritual connection.

Globally 2018 has the energy of discovering new connections to spirituality and bringing heaven to the earth in new and creative ways. The energy of each year has a global effect on everyone. However, each individual also has their own personal year number that is influencing the energy flow of their life and business that year. Let’s look at the global energy of 2018, learn how to calculate your personal year numbers and explore the personal year number and how that is effected by the global year energy.

2018: GLOBAL 11 YEAR

As a global 11 year, 2018 is about deepening our spiritual connection and expressing heaven on earth through our presence. “Spiritual” or “Heaven“ refers to the things that we do not understand physically; they are beyond the physical. For some, spiritual connection is going to church or spending time with a spiritual teacher, and for others it can mean a walk in nature or, like in Hawaii, surfing waves. There are many ways to find spiritual connection and it is up to each person to discover the best way to connect.

Regardless of how you connect spiritually, 2018 is the year to explore and deepen the connection. You might find new insights into the self, new creative ideas to share with the world, or express the spiritual side of your soul in new ways. Ask the question, “how do I express the divine in the physical world, and how can I help others connect to the divine inside themselves?” In general, people will be looking for new spiritual experiences and wiling to explore the non-physical. Businesses and activities that are helping people connect more spiritually should see a rise in popularity in 2018.

The 11 of the 2018 can also be about deepening the connection to self and others. The two 1s can be a symbol for the individual connecting to their soul or two individuals coming together as one. In 2018 you may find it important to take a spiritual journey or connect with yourself in new ways and discover those parts of your soul that were hidden or mysterious. 2018 is a year for finding a soul mate or connect with others one-on-one. It might also be a good year to find a spiritual teacher who can guide you into new ways of connecting to the diving inside yourself.

Understanding your personal year number (learn how to calculate your year number) and how it works with the global energy of the 11, allows you the opportunity to take your life to the next level. You can learn how to maximize your connection to the extra spiritual energy you will experience this year, and bring heaven to earth in your own unique way. In the 11 year you need to stay grounded and also be aware when you are focusing too much on trying to find something outside the self to feel whole. In 2018 keep your eyes focused beyond the physical world, embrace new creative expressions of the divine, while staying practical and rooted in the physical body.

Article by Tyler Mongan Gif Maker 20 1

Tyler Mongan discovered numerology during medical school in 2007. As a published medical researcher and scientist, he was skeptical of the idea that numbers could provide valuable information about a person’s life. But he was intrigued and began studying a rare form of birthdate numerology. Since then he has applied it in my life in the areas of health, business, relationships, and personal & professional development. I am continually surprised by the value and accuracy of the information that the Birthdate Numerology System provides. Tyler has done consultations for yogis, CEO’s, acupuncturists, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians, police officers, carpenters, musicians, martial artists – people from all walks of life and from many different countries.

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