Travelling to Hong Kong all the way from Spain, Javier de Salas is a mystic healer and yoga-therapy instructor. Javier will be sharing his beautiful gifts with the Balance Health community for a long weekend in November. Private healing sessions are available, as well as his group Mystic Healing Workshop on 12 November, learn more here.

What is Mystic Healing?

It is not easy to define something which is beyond the world of matter - beyond what can be perceived by the senses and therefore the clearest understanding Mystic Healing may be obtained when it is experienced.

In our effort to define the indefinable we could say that Mystic Healing is the channelling and transmission of the Spiritual Force to one or more receivers through a therapist, a practice which grants access to higher levels of consciousness and a deeper understanding of our highest self. This is a great privilege unknown for most human beings, and it is not something which can be attained through a person's own will power as it requires the guidance of a Higher Power: The Power of Love.

Mystic Healing is a very direct means through which we may receive effective help since we do not need to listen to the therapist's sermon telling us to calm down, or to be more loving with ourselves and with others. Rather, we are led through the contact with a silent Spiritual Power to an inner experience of Peace and Love, in which our perception of life becomes clearer. We begin to see that what we really need in life more than anything else is Love and Peace. And that true Love and Peace lie within us, not outside of us.

The therapy heals both physical and mental illnesses, varying case to case. Sometimes, only a few therapies are needed to experience physical relief whilst others require more. On occasions, the receiver may not be entirely healed on a physical level but through the practice has received the insight into which changes are needed and the necessary drive to carry them out.

Benefits of Mystic Healing include:

• Relaxation and inner calmness
• Improved functioning of the body and healing of diseases
• Mental and emotional harmony
• Spiritual awakening or activation of spiritual development
• Expansion of consciousness, enabling a closer relationship to one’s Higher Self
• Insights and stimulus to face the difficult situations of life with a good attitude.
• Guidance and support from an invisible power which won’t allow one to sink into pain and negativity
• Cleansing from negative emotions
• Open heart, allowing compassion and forgiveness to flow
• Deeper understanding and release of past issues or trauma
• Enhanced meditation practice

How does it work?

The Spiritual Force is the heart of this healing, also known as Light or Divine Energy, being of a supra intelligent nature. This is to say that it knows in detail the physical and mental dimensions of human beings and can produce healing in both.

Experience is unbeatable by words and this is what Mystic Healing does: it leads us to the experience of our own Inner Divinity, to the experience of Love, of our Inner Reality, without wasting time in philosophical theories which may entertain the mind but do not quench the heart’s thirst for peace.

We may say that Mystic Healing is a practice which facilitates the direct perception of elevated and sublime spiritual states such as Peace, Love, Freedom, and Happiness which are generally spoken about but rarely experienced.

The receiver only needs to lie down on a comfortable surface with loose clothing. The session begins with a guided verbal relaxation, allowing the receiver to attain a deeper state of physical relaxation and mental calmness.

Afterwards the therapist will lightly touch the receiver on different energy points, channelling Spiritual Light into the subtle bodies of the soul. It is the Light that cleanses, heals, nourishes, and transforms the receiver’s consciousness. The therapist is merely a channel who connects the receiver with a very elevated and loving energy and is a means through which the receiver accesses the fruits of his own inner work.

To receive this Transcendental Therapy is equal to receiving the help of a wise friend who knows us even better than we know ourselves. Knowing exactly what we need and being fully capable and willing to help us.

There is background music throughout the session. A Mystic Healing session may last around one hour approximately.

Mystic Healing

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Javier de Salas


Date: Sunday, November 12th
Time: 9am-12pm
Price: 450HKD (early bird- before November 6th) / 500HKD
Location: Balance Health
Registration: Eventbrite

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