Travelling to Hong Kong all the way from Spain, Javier de Salas is a mystic healer and yoga-therapy instructor. Javier will be sharing his beautiful gifts with the Balance Health community for a long weekend in November.

Private healing sessions are also available, learn more here.


Date: Sunday, November 12th
Time: 9am-12pm
Price: 450HKD (early bird- before November 6th) / 500HKD
Location: Balance Health
Registration: Eventbrite
BYOM (Bring your own matt!)

During this 3 hour workshop, participants will experience Mystic Healing, a unique spiritual practice created by a Spanish Self-Realized Master which helps us to experience our true nature. You will be guided into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation and from there continue the inward journey towards your Self.

Through an intense spiritual irradiation you may attain expansion and elevation of your consciousness where direct experience of who you are becomes clear.

You will obtain important hints as to how to enhance your meditation practice or to introduce yourself in this practice in case you are a beginner.

Mystic Healing is a tool for transformation and spiritual growth.

Far from delving into complex intellectual theories this workshop will offer you the opportunity to attain direct experience of who you are. You are Peace! Mystic Healing allows you to experience this Peace! To experience yourself as Peace!

Contents of the workshop

-Brief guided meditation (10 minutes)
-Introduction and guidelines for the Mystic Healing practice (30 minutes)
-Mystic Healing (1 hour)
-Break time (10 minutes)
-Conversation: How to power your Spiritual practice so that it becomes fruitful and transforming (50 minutes)
-Final guided meditation: Meditation in the Light (20 minutes)

Mystic Healing

Our instructor

Javier de Salas

Mystic Healing
English, Spanish
+852 2530 3315

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