My Shamanic Journey with Judy

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by Angela Nesbitt

I want to share my transformative experience with Judy and her unique practice called Shamanic Coaching. It's a healing journey of releasing old patterns that once served me but now held me hostage.

Judy combines traditional coaching techniques with shamanic practices like sound, dreams, and tapping into the spiritual world. This isn't a cognitive, left-brained approach—it's about leaning into my right-brain, intuitive strengths.

The result? Peace of mind and a quantum leap in effectiveness. I've learned techniques to access my inner knowing, make more effective decisions, and return to wholeness.

Each session, we tackled the challenges I faced, often interpreting dreams to identify patterns that needed changing. It's a gentle excavation process, like uncovering Russian nesting dolls of unhelpful patterns.

Here are some of the patterns we uncovered and released:

Feeling lost in my career: I felt blind and directionless. I learned to meet my spirit animal guides to give me direction and reclaim my innate power. With time I continue to strengthen the relationships for more immediate and reliable guidance.

Disassociated childhood strengths: We identified and welcomed back character strengths from childhood that I had unconsciously disassociated from to feel safe and accepted. I created rituals to welcome the gifts to improve my well-being and confidence and to embed the changes.

Time scarcity: This was a whopper. I shifted my view of time from a diminishing, scarce resource perpetually running away from me. Now I see time as an ally. My old relationship with time meant that I could not reliably access my inner guidance because I did not have time. I am creating and practicing supportive habits to be more aligned with time.

Letting go of patterns: Because I didn’t trust that I was being held I was in a tautological circle that required dream work to release. Dream work helped me release the belief that I wasn't being held, which then exposed my inability to connect with safety and abundance which we released.

Existential fear of failure: Transmuting this deeply held belief that I’m not enough is still a work in progress.

External-based confidence: My confidence and self-worth were conflated and based on external factors such as my education, jobs held, and network. Letting my self-worth be based on internal factors skyrocketed my confidence and peace of mind.

Now, we're exploring how to activate my voice to advocate for myself and identify any energetic patterns still holding me hostage. I'm learning to catch myself in the moment when I'm not aligned in action or thought.

Shamanic Coaching with Judy has been a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. If you're seeking deep transformation, I highly recommend exploring this path.

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