My Shamanic Experience with Judy


by Michelle C

I was in the midst of preparing for my wedding and aiming to shed some weight. Despite having a weight-loss plan that included exercise and diet management, my progress was quite limited due to my lack of motivation and self-discipline. That's when I decided to embark on a Shamanic counseling journey with Judy, and it turned out to be an absolutely fascinating and extraordinary experience.

During the initial session, the focus was on finding and connecting with my shamanic guide. I initially thought it might manifest as a horse or a deer, but as I began to "travel" with the rhythmic beats of the drum, the images that unfolded in my mind were beyond anything I could have imagined. Eventually, I encountered my guide: a magnificent and graceful phoenix. Throughout the following four sessions, Judy guided me to connect with my guide, and I would pose questions related to the challenges I was facing. My guide was never one for words; instead, she communicated through subtle movements and gestures. After returning to the present moment, Judy and I would explore the significance of my interactions with the guide together.

I met with Judy once a week, and between sessions, I had a special task to undertake: dreaming, or more precisely, dreaming with a purpose. Typically, Judy and I would collaboratively formulate a question based on my progress in self-exploration at the end of each session. Before falling asleep each night, I would ponder upon the question. The following morning, I would promptly jot down my dreams upon waking. Together, Judy and I would delve into and decipher the meanings of these dreams, uncovering answers to the questions we had posed. Initially, it all seemed peculiar and strange when we examined those dreams, but with Judy's guidance, we always managed to extract meaningful insights by looking at them from different angles. To my surprise, throughout this exploration, I discovered that my reluctance stemmed from issues of self-esteem, which had a profound impact on my motivation.

Upon completing the five sessions, I noticed a significant boost in confidence and a renewed sense of faith in executing my plan. Ultimately, I achieved my initial goal of weight loss and, more importantly, established a healthier and more harmonious relationship with myself.


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