How Moxibustion Can Help Women With Gynecological Diseases



Dr. Grace Yu (游心慈 香港註冊中醫師)


~Moxibustion slowly regulates women's internal environment, and the effect is very good~

For common gynecological problems such as menstrual cramps, uterine fibroids, and gynecological inflammation, what other methods besides herbal medicine and acupuncture can support the patients? You may have heard of moxibustion, but what are the benefits of this treatment for gynecological diseases? How do they work?

Gynecological diseases are mostly caused by cold and dampness, Qi stagnation, blood stagnation, blocked meridians, blood deficiency, that is, the body's environment or atmosphere is not good, such as no sunshine, cold and humid weather or freezing cold winter, over time, will lead to the Qi stagnation and blood stagnation, meridians do not work well, metabolic waste products can not be discharged, the fresh blood can not be transported to the normal, and of course, will be born with a variety of illnesses.


The most suitable gynecological problems to be treated by moxibustion:

Infertility, uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, , amenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, vaginal itching, cervical polyps, cervical celiac disease; ovarian impassability or incomplete, ovarian hypofunction, no ovulation, polycystic ovary, cysts; uterine prolapse, endometriosis, myomas, fibroids; mammary hyperplasia, breast inflation and pain, hardness of breast, fibroid; postpartum recuperation; when using moxibustion to treat one disease, it can also cure another health issues.


Why moxibustion can cure so many gynecological diseases?

Gynecological diseases are mostly caused by cold and dampness, stagnant qi and blood stagnation, blocked meridians, and blood deficiency ...... .

That is, the body's environment or atmosphere is not good, because the atmosphere or environment is not good, like no sunshine cold and wet weather or cold winter, over time, of course, will be stagnant blood, meridians are not smooth, metabolic waste products can not be discharged, fresh blood can not be properly transported, of course, will be born a variety of diseases. Like has been in the cold and humid weather, things will be moldy, smelly and rotten, in the severe winter will be frozen. Of course, it will continue to consume one's Yang energy, and the disease will become more and more serious. The only way to cure so many diseases is to change the environment or qi of the body. Moxibustion can replenish yang, dispel cold and dampness, activate meridians, reduce inflammation and relieve pain .


For Example:

The most commonly used acupuncture points for gynecological inflammation are the Qihai, Guanyuan and Zhongyi points on the lower abdomen. If the menstrual cycle is scanty, you can add the Shui Dao point. Which one is the channel through which water comes out of the body, and is located on both sides of the Guanyuan . There are also corresponding moxibustion points for abnormal fetal position. The acupuncture points selected are determined after diagnosis by the Chinese medicine practitioner.


Can I have moxibustion when I have my period?

A: Of course you can. Because this time is a golden time to regulate women's health problems and beauty and slimming , do a "Menstrual Detoxification.

In the implementation of moxibustion detoxification process, there will also be some good reactions, such as: discharge, itchy skin, menstrual blood color is abnormal or menstruation in advance or back.


Most importantly, when performing moxibustion, please pay attention to warmth and diet,  reduce ice drinks to achieve better results.

The efficacy of moxibustion is not only for women's health, but also for patients after cancer surgery


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