Enhance your Creativity, Intuition and Mind Power with MindScape Workshop

Open a window into the power of your right-brain creative mind.

MindScape can activate your mind's real potential and open doors of opportunities and possibilities you never thought attainable.

With MindScape you will develop ways of engaging and enhancing your intuition and creative abilities. Mindscape opens vast possibilities in every area of your life and work. MindScape can activate your mind's real potential and open doors of opportunities and possibilities you never thought attainable.

The seminar will show you how to realign the workings of your alpha mind and create a mental framework essential for success. You will be guided through a series of techniques and exercises how to:

- Slow down your brain waves, get focused & centered
- Create a unique connectional mental frame work to tap into your minds intuitive abilities
- Recognize and clear, subconscious negative and limiting belief systems that are holding you back
- Tap into your real potential by expanding your scope of experiences and opportunities
- Create your own reality and change your life by manifesting your goals
- Heal injuries, illnesses & hurt from past relationships and experiences

Offering simple mindfulness techniques to

◦ Reduce Stress
◦ Effective problem solving in any high stress situation
◦ Embrace your Intuition & Creativity to tap into business opportunities
◦ Resolve Conflicts & Improve Relationships
◦ Improve your memory, focus and efficiency at work
◦ Mental training for presentations, interviews & meeting
◦ Effective Decision making with confidence and grace
◦ Take your business to new level

MindScape is for Everyone - Be Inspired.
Parents: Gain confidence in trusting your instincts of what is right for your child, ahead of the ever-changing bombardment from today's research and experts.

Entrepreneurs: Here's a platform to work with 'your gut feel' and follow your heart and refine your vision.

Professionals: Creativity and problem solving are a must to advance in business. Gain insights to lead your business to success. Remove those internal limits and fears

Sports: MindScape will provide a platform for full 'Mental rehearsal' of training, practicing and performing. Are you ready for your Personal best? You can 'Train' even when injured!

Artists, Writers, Inventors and Musicians: Get 'into the zone' at will. Be inspired to create effortlessly Bring focus and structure to help manifest and deliver your ideas.

Health: MindScape provides an easy method to relax and let go of stress. When our bodies are stressed our immune system and ability to heal can be compromised.

Practitioners: Enhance your ability to access your intuition to enhance your client sessions, and work via distance.

Personal Growth: MindScape will provide a bridge to your sub conscious-mind, and when you're ready help you remove those internal limitations and fears.

Ongoing Support
Full Written Manual, and ongoing support provided.

About Instructor
Angie Tourani - www.bodytalksystem.com.hk
Angie Tourani is Hong Kong’s only Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified MindScape Instructor since 2008
She is passionate about MindScape as it transformed her life in all aspects of her life, personal growth, academics, professional growth since she learnt MindScape in 2005. She has been teaching MindScape Seminars in Hong Kong and internationally and has helped in bringing transformation shift in many people's life.

Event Details

MindScape Introductory Talk

-Wednesday Evening
from 7pm - 8pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 50

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