"The focus is not on learning but on self-discovery."

Meditation Classes every Week.

If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

Mindful Meditation through self-wisdom explores different topics through self-reflective exercises on the inner nature of one’s mind, and by applying simple focusing techniques during the practice of mindfulness meditation. The focus is not on learning but self-discovery as you check-in to reveal your inner path to self-wisdom.

Aldo’s group meditation sessions
Aldo designs and customizes each group meditation session individually to suit the collective energy of the group sitting. The program will consist of a meditation practice and can also include a harmonic convergence, a channeling session, a group collective diagnosis. There may also be some individual or collective healings in the group done by Aldo if his intuition was called upon to provide this in that particular group sitting.

Topics included
• Insight vs. out-sight – how the inner world creates the outer world and recognizing your innate mindful self
• Conscious responses vs. unconscious reactions and how to build awareness
• Where there is attention there is tension – recognizing the power of focus
• The nature of emotion and how to gain control when feeling overwhelmed
• From mind-flow to mindful - the nature of thought and how to stay out of the stream
• From stress to sensations – using the power of disassociation with sense awareness

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice
• Stress reduction
• Emotional regulation
• Improvement of sleeping quality
• Ability to control thoughts and reactiveness

The Meditation is particularly suitable for intellectual and philosophical types or meditation beginners who struggle with over-active minds.

Aldo has over 30 years experience in meditation. He has studied and practiced various meditation techniques and Hatha Yoga techniques during his journey in this field. This includes TM ‘Transcendental Meditation ‘Vipassana or Insight Meditation’, ‘Kundalini meditation’, ‘Sahaja Yoga meditation and Osho meditation and ‘The Four Techniques of Meditation’.

Event Details

Mindful Meditation
Group Classes

Every Friday evening at 6:30pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 200

Want to experience the healing energy on your own? Book a private Meditation class.

To register, please call us on 2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

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Aldo Privileggi

Hypnotherapy, Yuen Method, Meditation Facilitator

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