Our subconscious mind is like a video recorder, it records all of your life experiences via your five senses. (Have you ever tried to turn off your hearing!) even whilst we sleep our subconscious continues to record sounds and other stimulus via our senses. The subconscious mind is also influenced and picks up on other people’s ideas and belief systems and may accept them as being true, as the subconscious mind as no ability to judge or rationalize right from wrong and true or false, thus some of these beliefs may be and usually are self limiting or self sabotage beliefs. This is developed most predominately during our early childhood. These belief systems may or may not be true for us, however they set the tone and foundation for the rest of our lives- unless we change them.

The reason hypnotherapy works so well is that it not only deals with the current issues, belief systems and behaviors effectively and quickly it also deals with these belief systems and influences from an early age and any emotion and trauma associated with it. This enables the hypnotherapist to reach in and clear out the root cause which commonly results in emotional and mental relief and also physical healing of any symptoms that were related to the issue.

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Hypnosis is a completely natural but altered state of mind, similar to sleep, which is an altered state of mind, but, when you are in hypnosis you are not asleep at all. Hypnosis alters your state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is distracted or bypassed, while the more creative right-hand side is made more alert. The conscious mind is diverted or distracted whilst the subconscious mind is woken up. Since the subconscious mind is much more powerful and determines your habits, emotions, feelings, unconscious behaviors and attitudes, it is here in the subconscious mind where we Hypnotherapists specialize to do the positive change work.

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In the relaxed state of hypnosis I bypass your conscious mind to have a direct connection with your subconscious mind. The next step of the process is to implement the new suggestions of change to create a new path or direction nuralinguistically (the neural pathway in the brain). The positive  suggestions of change begin to create a new feeling, emotions and direction within you as the new neural pathways are created, leaving the old patterns to dissolve naturally and unleashing  you to be  free of those old burdens. One of the beautiful things about Hypnosis change work is- the new positive changes require no will power or strain on your behalf, the new change work becomes aligned within you, a natural part of you, it becomes your second nature once the suggestions have been accepted on the subconscious level.

The reason hypnotherapy works so well is that it not only deals with the learned behavior but also any emotion and trauma associated with it, clearing out the root cause and empowering you  to integrate a more healthy mindset for the future.