Michelle Woo

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
English, Cantonese
+852 2530 3315

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant (USA), Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist (USA), Diploma of Nutrition (Australia), Advanced Certificate of Nutritional Sciences (Australia)

About the Practitioner

Michelle left her corporate career behind and followed her passion to be a nutritionist. Throughout Michelle’s corporate life, she travelled frequently, worked long hours, and had to deal with high level of stress.

Michelle’s passion in nutrition, health and wellness began in 2001 when she was working in Australia, a country where people are generally health conscious, which inspired her to obtain her diploma of nutrition through part-time studies. Since then, Michelle has relied on her nutrition knowledge and various holistic approaches to help her and people around her optimise their health.

Michelle has delivered many corporate presentations in English and Cantonese throughout her corporate life. She is happy to use this skill to customise and deliver wellness talks to corporate clients.

Applying her nutrition knowledge during her pregnancy, Michelle had a smooth pregnancy and delivery with no complications nor deficiency in any nutrients.

Michelle strongly believes that this is the right path for her, as she wants to help people by sharing her knowledge and educating people on food and lifestyle choices, so they can maximise energy, manage existing health concerns, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

Initial consultation commences with a detailed analysis of current diet, health concerns, personal and family medical history, and lifestyle.

During consultation, identification of imbalances, triggers, deficiencies or excess of certain nutrients; which aspects of current diet and lifestyle choices are working well, and what needs to be changed with the aim to address the concerns and improve health and well-being.

If appropriate, relevant diagnostic tests will be recommended to further identify causes of health concerns.

The consultation ends with (and/or follow up email with) customised diet plan, suggested recipes (if requested), supplementation and lifestyle change suggestions.

Corporate wellness talks and workshops

Michelle has successfully delivered many corporate presentations in English and Cantonese throughout her previous career. Her corporate presentation and training skills equip her to customise and deliver wellness talks and workshops to corporate clients.

Therapies by Michelle


Krystle Edwards, Managing Director – APAC Proco Global Group

A nutritionist with the skills of a corporate presenter

I invited Michelle to give a wellness talk at a HK Women in Recruitment networking event for around 40 participants in Nov 2017. Michelle understood the target audience and customised the presentation accordingly. I felt she was a natural and charismatic presenter who kept the audience engaged through participation. Her presentation was well structured, informative, and most importantly had a realistic approach to fit the audience’s lifestyles. Michelle demonstrated her knowledge as a nutritionist, with the skills of a corporate presenter. I highly recommend her for corporate presentations or 1-2-1 personal sessions.

US & HK listed telecommunications company

“Excellent speaker”

“Excellent speaker”
“Quite decent content and knowledge I can learn from”
“So interesting”