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“Craniosacral therapy is just a very wonderful tool”

Michell See has worked at a multi-disciplinary holistic clinic for over a decade. This experience has set her on a path to explore what happens within our bodies at different levels – the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Meeting people of different ages and from all walks of life, who visit the clinic seeking help and support, Michell decided to learn Craniosacral Therapy to potentially support some of these clients. She realized that by applying gentle Craniosacral techniques, the self-healing and self-regulating abilities of our bodies could wake up naturally. It is simply a wonderful tool.

Michell has continued her training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which has deepened her passion and enthusiasm for promoting this work more widely. Her calling is to help others get in touch with their own health and become free from their own suffering.

To further broaden her knowledge and therapeutic experience she has studied the Yuen Method, BioGenesis, Integrated Manual Therapy, Raindrop Therapy and Isha Kriya Meditation. Michell has found that through her recent studies of Reiki and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, she continues to capture the limitless potential of the body. It is a fascinating ongoing life and learning journey.

Being an expert in lymphatic drainage massage therapy, Michell See helps her clients fully understand how the lymphatic network functions and affects our overall health condition. She explains that the lymphatic network is a network of vessels and organs under our skin that is crucial and plays an important supporting role to our immune system.

Imagine having a filtering system in our body. That is how the lymphatic network functions. It eliminates our body waste including bacteria that invades and causes diseases and illnesses. It protects us from getting an infection. It is also among the reasons why the lymphatic drainage massage therapy is helpful with detoxification.

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Michell helped relieve pain in my neck, shoulders and spine

Michell helped relieve pain in my neck, shoulders and spine and I truly believe she has “magic fingers”. Everyone I came in contact with at Balance Health were very friendly and professional and found the location very convenient.

Michell is gentle yet firm and I felt great after the session.

Lymph drainage with Michell was amazing to every detail from how she made sure the room is warm and smells nice, over the explanations about the essential oils use, to special care about my needs. Michell is gentle yet firm and I felt great after the session.