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MeManagement for Effective Parenting
Monday, November 21
9:00am - 1:00pm
Wednesday, November 23
9:00am - 1:00pm
Private consultation with Linda
1-hour session

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 3,300
*Register one week in advance for HKD 3,000*

To register, please call us on
2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

How many times do you catch yourself saying things to your children that you swore you never would?

We may promise never to act like our mother, but find ourselves automatically shouting at our child, driven by emotions like they have a life of their own. In order for us to be supportive role models for our children, we need to be able to manage our own reactions and stop taking things personally. Being a supportive mother means managing the voice of our inner child first so we can be fully present to the needs of our children.

The MeManagement for Effective Parenting workshop brings insight into objectively recognizing your reactions and techniques to regulate your emotions. Understanding how the mind works brings you awareness of what you are holding and why you react in a certain way. You then have the power to steer your focus of attention and self-regulate your responses to maintain an objective perspective. Your children look to you for emotional guidance, and through developing your own awareness you can help them develop their own, so they too can manage their own feelings and emotions as they arise.

In this workshop you will gain:

○ Awareness skills of your habits what makes you tick and how to control your reactions
○ Techniques to keep an objective focus with empathetic understanding
○ Understanding of the nature of the mind, key influences behind limiting beliefs and how to dilute their stronghold
○ Better understanding of who you are and what you are passing on to your children
○ Skills to help positively influence your children and guide them to better manage their feelings by understanding what triggers them and how to manage their response
○ Recognition of when you become emotionally entangled in the issues of others and how to maintain impartiality
○ Practical role play experience of how to deal with emotional situations

About the Speaker - Linda V. Fancy

Meditation Leader, Freedom Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Self-Management Specialist, and founder of the Me Management Self-Regulatory System

Linda’s primary work is with adults, although she has conducted workshops with children and young adults occasionally through Hong Kong secondary schools as well, providing coaching on how to process emotions, counter-act overwhelm and build resiliency.

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    Testimonials from previous workshop attendants

    From the start of the workshop I saw immediately why I act and think the way I do. Working through the program opened a good insight into who I am and how to adjust my thoughts. This has helped me to get more from life. It also helped me to gain energy by letting needless thoughts go.“
    Jeff, Pilot

    The workshop offered so much insight about myself and I am amazed how useful and effective it is in my daily life. It has given me a positive perspective on many levels. I feel much lighter and freer as I now know how to see the world with a brand-new pair of eyes!”
    Kay, Special Needs Therapist

    “Since the workshop I have been letting go of the judgmental views of ‘me’s’ of the past… my choices, experiences, emotions that were seemingly outside my control… There is the realisation that I can choose to be whichever form of me I want at any point in life… and for that I am thankful!”
    Tammy, Consultant

    “This training is appropriate for people who are interested to dive deep into self-management techniques and analysis. The workshop adds a different dimension to corporate thinking. It really helps provide clarity on some of the demanding situations as we are strongly attached to our actions, emotions and thoughts, and we seldom think from another perspective. The shift in thinking without attaching self to it makes a lot of difference and will help us tackle emotional outbursts.”
    Chitra, HR director