Matrix Reimprinting allows us to go back into past memories without emotional disruption or stress and clear negative charges and energies from past traumatic events. These traumatic events form negative or wrong beliefs that we might not even know about and that continuously impact our life negatively in the present and in the future.

By using Matrix Reimprinting the patient is guided into any past memory where the patient says and does what he/she wished he’d/she’d said and done. Here, the patient can bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture of that memory.
By changing the picture, both physical & emotional healing takes place, and enables the patient to attract more positive experiences into his/her life.

Matrix Reimprinting offers positive effects for various physical and emotional issues. It is also used to manifest goals and dreams
With Matrix Reimprinting, old negative beliefs will be changed into new positive beliefs. We can rewrite our memories and free ourselves from the past that affects us negatively in the present and future.
Once our beliefs have changed, our energy field changes and we see ourselves attracting different things into our life.
Matrix reimprinting is technique that can offer very powerful result.

Matrix reimprinting is good for
-Fear & Anxiety
-Chronic pain and other kind of pain
-Depression, any kind of emotions such as Grief, Anger, Guilt, Resentment
-Money & Success issues
-Relationship issues
-Insomnia or other Sleeping Disorders

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