Massage Therapy – involves the manipulation of soft-tissue, for example muscles, fascia, ligaments & tendons, to relieve tightness, pain, and stress. Massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, and relieves pain. Massage Therapy has tremendous therapeutic benefits. It is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, and has proven to be beneficial for many acute and chronic conditions.

Using a mix of specific manual techniques – holding, manipulation of soft tissue, pressure to the body – Massage Therapy improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems and improves the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

Very importantly Massage Therapy helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that creates blockages both physically and emotionally, which can lead to disease and illness. In addition, what many clients come to greatly appreciate is the time for them, to just rest for an hour as scheduled down time.

While Massage provides many benefits and a qualified therapist is able to assist patients realize these, it is important to be careful in choosing a qualified therapist, for a therapist not well versed in anatomy, physiology and application of techniques can do more harm than good.

All Balance Massage Therapists are certified professionals.


Relaxation Massage

A smooth, flowing style that promotes relaxation, improves circulation and relieves muscle tension for overall well-being.

Sports Massage

Each type of sport has different demands on the players and uses muscle groups in different ways. Sports massage is designed to address those specific concerns.

Sports massage helps alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in the bodys soft tissues during regular physical activity. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively. It will help to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries, whether a person is an athlete or a once a week jogger.

Like with all treatments it is important to be careful in choosing a qualified sports therapist, for a therapist not well versed in sports injuries can do more harm than good. For example, massage to a contusion, which are impact injuries that cause bleeding within the muscle, may cause further damage and may lead to Myositis Ossificans (bone growth within the muscle).

Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

Pregnancy massage is massage therapy specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs.

During pregnancy massage the mother¡¦s body is properly positioned on her side and supported using pillows and padding, to ensure comfort and safety for both mother and baby. A special belly pillows is also available, allowing the mother to lie safely on her belly (a welcome change by some), without causing excess pressure and while still supporting the associated muscles and ligaments.

Pregnancy massage is extremely beneficial for lower back ache/pain, mid back tightness, neck tightness and in reducing stress, swollen feet & legs and leg cramps, and has also been found to reduce anxiety and depression. This is particularly so with post-natal massage.

Post-natal massage often focuses on neck, shoulders and upper back, since the muscles involved are being repeatedly worked from feeding, carrying, and lifting the baby causing headaches and upper back aches.

Often, clients will get considerable relief in one treatment. Others may take two or three. Later on in pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, there are those who find that the discomfort comes back after four or five days and therefore weekly massage provides a most welcome relief and simply time for themselves – some much needed scheduled down-time.

Pregnancy Massage is a popular complementary therapy when choices for pain relief, such as medication, are often limited.

It is important to look for a massage therapist who is certified in pregnancy massage, who you can trust and who you know will listen to your specific requests (e.g pressure and/or temperature). Someone who has had specialized training, including supervised hands-on-training in pregnancy massage, and knows what is safe for the mother and baby.

Remedial Massage

Is deep tissue massage that efficiently treats muscle pain, soreness and injuries by using both light and deep massage strokes on areas of muscle tension and spasm, not unlike those used in sports massge, to speed up recovery and encourage complete healing. Myofascial release is used to release the lining around muscles that can restrict movement and trigger point therapy targets sensitive points wihin muscle which might be referring pain to other parts of the body and mimicking other conditions. For example, lowback and sciatic pain are far more likely to originate in muscles than in vertebral disc problems.

Clients who seek this type of massage are in pain from a specific injury such as whiplash or falls, repetitive strain injury (RSI) or other work related issues, often it originates from postural alignment problems. It is also effective in removing scar tissue and speeds up recovery post-surgery.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before receiving a massage for specific conditions which may not be related to soft tissue.

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