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Life is energy in motion. In all aspects of life, be it private or corporate, you can use forces and energy in a constructive, beneficial way or to create chaos and friction. We show you how to recognize this energy and use it in a way that is both beneficial to you and the people around you.

Elements of Health

Our body, the most beautiful and perfect venue for which our soul lives, has to be treated with love and respect. Or…Our body, the most beautiful and perfect venue for our communication with the world, has to be treated with respect and love.

By unconscious transgressions we endanger it’s health and create disease.

We show you how to balance the elements of your body and make it a strong, healthy and beautiful in expression.

Elements of Personality

Our personality is the individual source of our pleasure and pain. It is an extremely empowering or self-limiting tool that determines how we live our life.

It can create fantastic opportunities, or destroy every chance. Or… Our choice of expression can create fantastic opportunities or simply destroy every chance.

We show you how to be conscious of the elements of your personality and use it to achieve your full potential.

The Homeopathic Approach

Every human being exists as two separate systems: the physical body and the mental-emotional system. When connection between those two systems is lost, it is difficult to understand our true health status and the causes of our ‘dis-ease’. Homeopathy reads the symbolic expressions of illness on all planes of existence and uses natural remedies to restore health. Disease is the expression of imbalance in life forces, and recovery is the evolution towards a balanced state that often has never been achieved before. The work of a Homeopath is to perceive the countless dynamics expressed in the condition of the patient and guide recovery in a natural, holistic way - from homeopathy to mindful awareness.

My goal is to make the wisdom of homeopathy available to you, so you can use the tools yourself for the rest of your life. We all know that the responsibility for our bodies, emotions and thoughts is ours alone; no one can live our lives for us. If we understand the underlying mechanics of health, we can apply an intuitive, real time understanding of what`s going wrong and how to correct it. The underlying mechanics of health

1. The circulation of life:

Every phenomena of life has an effect on its environment. Impressions from the physical or inner world have an effect on our consciousness. Thoughts interact with others of their kind, and this repetition energizes thoughts into emotional structures. The accumulated energy in emotions leads to physical action.

2. The two basic forces in personalities:

Every thought or emotion is either active (constructive, if we created them willingly, by our own motivation) or passive (destructive, if we react to an issue and re-create a thought or emotion).

3. The principle of balance and imbalance:

Every force provokes an equal counter-force. All forces can be symbolized by elements: fire (expansion), water (cohesion), air (moderating), and earth (stabilizing). Every pain, suffering, ailment and problem can be traced to an elemental imbalance. To be healthy and happy, we need to achieve active elemental equilibrium. Applying this knowledge to raising children:
This knowledge will guide you in how to support your child’s health and happiness. You can learn to understand your child’s elemental constitution and how he/she handles his/her personality. You can seek or create beneficial environments for balance, by improving lacking elements or transmuting uncontrollable elements into useful channels, and thereby balance his/her whole personality.

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Patient from Hong Kong

"Just what I needed"

"I went to see Martin when my grief lasted longer than expected. I felt like I wasn't able to move on with my life and I was stuck in bouts of anxiety. I felt that seeking professional help would be the first step to making a change that I so wanted in my life. Martin was the perfect therapist for this job. He was very professional and told me what I needed to hear. Not only was the patient/doctor session great but Martin is someone who I can call a life mentor. I value his opinions and trust that he is someone I can go to for honest life advice. The homeopathic remedy he gave me worked miraculously. My grief slowly dissipated. I no longer felt stuck and was ready to move on with my life. Thank you Martin!"
T. Cheung
Client from Hong Kong

"My cough was gone within hours"

"The last 3 weeks I have been suffering from a chronic cough, which could not be cured by antibiotics nor by other therapies that I tried. Martin asked me some questions about my workload in my company and my feelings, which I first found not related to my cough, but prescribed a medicine later, that cured my cough nearly within a few hours. I am very happy to have had his help available and can heartily recommend his treatments."
Anna S.
Client from Munich, Germany

"He brought back quality to my life."

"Mr. Mailaender was recommended to me when I had been struggling with intense chronic pain and progressive weight loss for quite some time, and all kinds of therapeutic approaches kept failing. I was deeply impressed by his amazing abilities and his clear-sightedness. Highly talented and skilled as he is, within little more than one hour of exploration, he grasped the complex picture of my condition, while at the same time counselling me to help me start working on my issues myself right away; he spotted the matching remedy which got the pain down to zero, reversed the weight loss, ... and brought back quality to my life. I´m deeply grateful to have Mr. Mailaender´s support in one of the most challenging phases of my life."
Dr. med. Andrea Alverdes
Gynecologist - Homeopath

"I can honestly and warmly recommend both training and treatments with Martin Mailaender. "

"It was truly a gift meeting Martin Mailänder through a mutual doctor. He showed me his new and modern method of homeopathy. Through consistent training since the beginning of 2013 Martin gave me an understanding about the theory of hermetic homeopathy and their conception of the human being. On the base of video-cases I could comprehend the practical implementation. Martin Mailänder created a fully new and cotemporary kind of homeopathy which will cross our ways in the future. His empathic line of questioning his patients is unique and very efficent for the patient. His ways of finding the nature of remedy, aimed at resolving old – for the patient harmful – crees and beliefs. He is also concentrating on the restoration of a lost microstructure of the human to be in harmony with themselves and the conception. Since 2014 we treat selected patients together, who found us to treat several gynaecological complaints. Our fields of treatments are diverse: From women with menstrual pain to patients with breast cancer, several patients have received help from Martin through his techniques of assessment and the prescribed medication. "
Bettina Beranek-Stappert
Psychotherapist (Licensed by the German Health Council)

"Martin is a very good counsellor in all challenges of life."

"I got to know Martin Mailaender during his seminar about personal development, which deeply inspired me. Since then I have been attending regularly seminars (weekly) for communication-training and charakter-science, which proved extremely helpful, not only for my work as a psychotherapist, but even more for my personal development and wellbeing. Desiring to learn more, I also attended his very conclusive personal coachings for intelligent therapeutical work. I experienced Martin Mailaender as a very competent, reliable and friendly colleague. He posseses the fantastic skill to attune within a short time to complex pr cases and to offer practicable solutions. Furthermore, he is a very good counsellor in all challenges of life. I'm looking forward to attend more of Martin's interesting seminars in the future."
Dr. med. Alexander Otti
PhD and medical doctor in Germany

"I was able to observe how even severe psychiatric symptoms can be successfully treated"

"One of the most spectacular examples was the case of a 30 years old women who was suffering from acute suicidal tendencies caused by Borderline Personality Disorder. Increased impulsivity, strong feelings of loneliness, and disturbed emotional regulation are the major symptoms of this chronic mental disease. Interestingly, a single application of a specific homeopathic remedy did not only lead to an immediate relieve of inner stress and affective tension, but also totally neutralized the suicidal dynamics of the patient. As shown by follow-up sessions, the effect was long-lasting and cannot be easily seen as placebo. Another convincing effect of homeopathy was seen in a 41 years old women who was suffering from compulsive hoarding and massive overweight. Two different homeopathic remedies were given. Within half a year, the patient was not only able to clean and maintain her flat but also lost over 20 kg. Even the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder can be relieved by homeopathy as shown by the case of 32 years old women. On the biographical background of sexual abuse during childhood and adolescense, she was suffering from feelings of inner stress, anxiety, nightmares, low self-esteem and guilt. The homeopathic remedy "Staphysagria" relieved the subjective feeling of being worthless and therefore reduced negative inner arousal. Taken together, I feel that the style of homeopathy which is practiced by Mr Martin Mailänder can be very enriching even for modern medical doctors and psychotherapists with long clinical experience. I can highly recommend to study his approach and to add it to one's own repertory of therapeutical techniques."
Alexander Leistner
Healing Practitioner/ Homoeopath
Homoeopathy Nuremberg

"I am very grateful to have a mentor like Martin in my life"

"It is my pleasure to recommend Martin Mailaender as a candidate in your organization. From 2006 up to now I have been Martin's student in various subjects concerning Philosophy, Homoeopathy, Hermetic, Psychology and Supervision. His lectures were given in study circles and private sessions. Martin is a well-versed professional with a lot of experience. His many years in these difficult fields clearly enable him to make good decisions. Martin has the invaluable ability to think outside the box – he often comes up with fresh ideas and new impulses. Martin approaches problems from different angles and often comes up with incredible creative solutions. Martin is a respected expert within his fields. He has become a reliable go-to person for me in many requests. In his final thesis, Martin made sure in every single case to explore the necessary theoretical frameworks, but also put great emphasis on properly adjusting them in a practical context. With this approach, he was able to analyze his findings much more appropriate, and ultimately delivered a very remarkable piece of research. I am very grateful to have a mentor like Martin in my life. During his lectures I found him a very dedicated and sincere resource."