Manifesting Your Dreams Into Reality: Living A Life of Purpose and Abundance in 2024

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by Amba B. Vagani


… and just like that, the new year is here!  


As exciting as it is to start afresh,

 a new chapter comes with new responsibilities. 


We have the opportunity to revisit our lives, to explore what we want to achieve and what we want to leave behind. We can reprogram ourselves, change our mindset and step into a new way of being. 


We all have been here: 


After making it ‘safely and sound and in one piece’ through the rush of the festive season we quickly draw out a list of new year’s resolutions with the desire to ‘finally get things right’. We believe that this time we can ‘make it happen’ through the sheer force of our willpower. 


Yet, deep down we know that persuading ourselves is an experience that we don’t enjoy and barely carries fruits; it takes a lot of energetic fuel to maintain a new routine. Our willpower dies quickly as life gets in the way and we once again get distracted by the mundane. 

… our list of goals, forgotten, archived in a dusty drawer or stashed away on our journaling app …  We find ourselves ‘back’ in our familiar lives, nothing as per se has changed and we start making holiday plans to escape. 


Now, what if it was possible to truly change?  


… To align from within, shift energetically and effortlessly live from our true essence. 

To feel alive, free and at peace, while being our best self without having to force ourselves into a predefined shape.


What if …


… we could truly understand ourselves, know ourselves and connect to our purpose. 


… we could open up energetic to a new level of consciousness. 


… we could witness our self-sabotaging practices and behaviours and release them with love and gratitude once and for all. 


… we could actively increase our energetic capacity and effortlessly welcome what we truly want to create, achieve and manifest. 


… we could align our thoughts, beliefs and actions with our true core and essence and act fully focused and out of integrity. 


… we could reach deep into our own wisdom and follow the path of our soul’s desires. 


… we could energetically recalibrate and step into the ability to manifest what we are truly longing for. 


…  we could embrace a life of effortless flow and abundance. 


All these possibilities lie within us. 

We absolutely can. 

We are boundless consciousness and the sky is the limit. 


Here in Hong Kong we get ‘a second chance’: The year of the fierce and thriving dragon is around the corner and we are here to ride this wave to our personal success: 


‘Creating our reality’ is an energetically ‘simple process’ – we create and re-create our reality, routines, relationships and even our challenges – daily. 


In order to break out of our comfort-zone though, and manifest our desires and dreams, our difficulty often lies in being fully focused, fully aligned within and able to energetically hold the responsibility of our creation. 


Join us on our 2-day retreat: Aligned. Alive. Abundant:  

Stepping into purpose and manifesting your dream into reality.  


A deeply transformative experience packed with tools, creative processes, mind expansion exercises, rituals, meditation practices, yoga & pranayama and so much more ... 


expand our minds, raise our awareness about self, embody our goals, align energetically and step into a successful YEAR OF THE DRAGON.


WHEN: Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th of February 8.30am – 5pm 

WHERE: On the magical island of Lantau, Hong Kong


  • DAY 1. Releasing limiting beliefs and stepping into Purpose. 
  • DAY 2. Creating the life you want and manifesting your Soul’s Desires  



For more information, please follow the link 


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