Welcome back to the annual winter holiday season!

It’s the time of the year again where everything is merry and bright! Everyone is busy getting presents and having festive celebrations with families and friends. Yes, Christmas air is all about love, cheers and joy. Yet, it is also a major source of stress and panic to many of us.

The holiday season can trigger whirlwinds of emotions among us. Depression, stress and anxiety to name a few. A 2015 survey from Health line reported that 62% of people feel more pressured during the holidays as compared to the other times of the year. Additionally, 44% of participants said they felt “somewhat stressed” during the midwinter.

The remedy: be realistic; plan ahead; be kind to yourself, and try out hypnotherapy.

Letting off our stress should be our top priority during the Christmas and New Year seasons. Hypnotherapy is an effective method to mitigate holiday stress. The best hypnosis Hong Kong clinic offers this healing approach to eliminate the usual holiday stressors like binge eating, excessive drinking and splurge shopping.

Aldo Privileggi is an intuitive and experienced hypnotherapist at Balance Health.

Here are his insights on what makes hypnosis effective.

“The reason hypnosis works so well is that it goes beyond addressing our current personal issues, belief systems and behaviors. It deals with the beliefs, traumas, emotions and events that have influenced us from an early age.”

Hypnosis offers a holistic approach. It enables experts to reach in and clear out the root cause of our anxiety, stress and other troubles. In addition to emotional and mental relief, it also offers physical healing of any symptoms related to the issue, he added.

Welcome 2022 with a clear and sound mind. Below is a session done at our hypnotherapy Hong Kong clinic.

Book an appointment with us and have a stress-free holiday season!

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