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What is Lympho-Energy?

This method will smoothly facilitate the self-purification of organism toxins. The Lympho-Energy is distinguished by unique soft and chained manoeuvres. It is a work of stroking and acupuncture point stimulation.

Applied in synergy, along the body meridians (the spleen, the liver, kidneys, …), it will vehicle the Qi (the body energy according to the Chinese medicine) and enrich the therapy.

Lympho-energy helps with:

    – The Stress: bringing a deep relaxation
    – The tiredness
    – The back pain and legs after a long-haul flight (it’s the perfect anti-jetlag treatment)
    – Lack of Vitality: rediscover an inner balance.
    – Blood circulation problems.
    – The water retention & cellulite: with the elimination of the body toxins.
    – Weight issues

The Lympho-Energy will also act on plastic surgeries before & after the operations, such as rhinoplasty and breast prosthesis. It will help draining the skin, alleviate and reduce the bruising. Benefits will be amplified thanks to the Reiki, as this therapy will be applied during the whole session.


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