Lymphatic Drainage Post Holiday Detox Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Post Holiday Detox Benefits Img 1112

What comes next after the Chinese New Year celebration and festivities? Many of us are now wondering and looking for answers on how to eliminate all the unhealthy foods and drinks that we have taken during the holidays. One of the answers to that is lymphatic drainage therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy As a Post-Holiday Detox Help

The lymphatic system is considered to be one of the most powerful detoxification systems in our body. With different organs, vessels, ducts and nodes making the system, it plays an important role in moving around the clear fluid called lymph that eliminates the bacteria that are found in our body tissues. As it is important to detoxify, the lymphatic system is also crucial to immune system boosting.

Main nodes swelling due to fluid build up can happen if the system fails to function as we expect it to. These nodes are significant to waste elimination as these are where waste destroyal in the body happens. The nodes are also important for our circulatory system since the clean lymph fluid from the nodes will travel back to the heart and will then become the blood plasma.

Keeping the lymphatic system in its healthy state is important to our physical and emotional health. This is why many people nowadays find lymphatic drainage therapy to be helpful to achieve this result.

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a holistic view approach that we can use to help boost our immunity and aid in our digestion. Above all, some people undergo lymphatic detox massage therapy for weight loss and detoxification. Some women who added this to their weight loss approaches find the massage therapy to be helpful to address plateaus in their programs and at the same time make the liver functionality ready for detoxification. Gif Maker 2022 06 15T182728.902

How Does Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Work?

Balance Health holistic health and lymphatic drainage therapy expert Michell See is specially trained to perform this technique. The massage therapy is designed to address or lessen the swelling in our nodes in the body. The swelling can be due to strain from constant walking, running or a compromised or unhealthy immune or vascular systems. The massage can assist in getting rid of the accumulated fats and water retention much faster than other techniques.

When performed properly with an expert, the lymphatic drainage therapy will help you lose weight and detoxify as it will boost the blood circulation in your body. This circulation is important to metabolic stimulation as well as waste and toxins removal from our body. The idea behind this is that having an ineffective lymphatic system can slow down the metabolism, thus stunting your efforts toward weight loss. The massage therapy sets a self-care mechanism in the body for us to be more resilient to illnesses and other health conditions. 

Weight loss and detoxification are just among the many benefits that you can possibly get from lymphatic drainage massage therapy. This gentle massage therapy is soothing and can also help release your stress and anxiety. It can also aid people who are having trouble sleeping as it will relax your body. It also helps with skin and tissue rejuvenation for youth and vitality.

Learn more about our lymphatic drainage therapy. Contact us and we can help with your inquiries about this therapy. You can also combine this approach with other holistic bodywork therapies that we offer to help you with your health journey. Among those that you can also try are our craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage, physiotherapy Hong Kong sessions, Chi Nei Tsang massage, integrated bodywork therapy and many more.

We also provide virtual consultations to those who are in search of holistic health treatments and advice. We have Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors who can help you out with your physical and emotional conditions. Book an appointment and start your holistic health journey today.

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