Lori Mariani

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master
+852 2530 3315

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, USA, Master of Social Work, University of Vermont, USA, Bachelors Psychology, USA, Certified Yoga Instructor, Oceanic Yoga, Goa India and Reiki Master, Oceanic Yoga, Goa India

"We all have an innate capacity to heal."

Lori is a conventionally trained and American licensed clinical social worker who blends her knowledge of contemporary psychology with traditional modes of healing. Her training in psychology, yoga, Osho meditation and Reiki mingle with her deep passion in supporting those who seek help with her.

The stressors and emotional pain we experience in life are not merely relegated to the mind. As energetic beings challenges affect us on multiple levels causing mental, physical and emotional dis-order. Knowledge of the connection between external experience and our internal world is what drew Lori to learn the practices of Hatha Yoga and Usui Reiki.

We all have an innate capacity to heal. Past experience and present day stressors have a tendency to interrupt this process. Reiki and Yoga offer a clearing of these blockages assisting you towards a deeper relationship with who you are in isolation from internal imbalance and external influences.

At Balance Health, she seeks to support others through these practices to help restore well being. As a Reiki master, Lori has studied energetic healing from various teachers in Thailand, Hong Kong and India. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, India and returns to India yearly for additional training. Please join her for individual energy healing sessions or group yoga classes.

Therapies by Lori