Linda V. Fancy

mental freedom facilitator
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Meditation Leader, Mental Freedom Facilitator, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Self-Management Specialist, and founder of the Me Management Self-Regulatory System.

Linda helps people realize their peace and power beyond self-limiting beliefs and conflicting thoughts

As a child, Linda faced a lot of emotion with the loss of her family members and developed a poor self-image of not being good enough which became the theme of her growing years right up to her professional life. Linda worked in the field of corporate public relations where she realized the power of manipulation and it’s influence on the human condition. She was challenged by the stresses and strains of a self-sabotaging mindset that tried to live up to the expectations of a competitive business environment. This led her to study Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which empowered her with great insight into the illegitimacy of the conditioned mind and provided her the tools to transcend the limited ego identity and the emotional self.

Working as a corporate trainer and coach for an international risk and crisis management company gave Linda valuable experience in crisis leadership, and stress support services. She recognized that despite having all the right systems and procedures in place, at the height of any crisis, effective self-management boils down to steering your attention rather than being led by your emotions.

In 2005, she developed the MeManagement system while working with relief workers in Sri Lanka following the Asian Tsunami. Her job involved providing workers with self-management tools and techniques to prevent personal identification and conditioning getting in the way of their professional consultation in such traumatic conditions.

Today, Linda guides meditation groups and facilitates MeManagement workshops in Hong Kong and at her retreat centre in India. Her sweet inspiration is her spiritual master Mooji who has been a guiding light to her profound insights and inner peace.

The MeManagement System
Would you like to regain the courage to speak your truth without fearing that you may not please everyone? Me Management programmes give you the power to detach from your story, focus your attention, and intercept negative thoughts before they become an emotion.

MeManagement is a system of self-transcendence that opens windows into people’s self-awareness so they can see the nature of their conditioned mind with clear eyes, and how to rise above it.

Knowledge is power and yet we know nothing of our true nature. To know the self is to transcend the hang-ups and attachments we call our own as we feel the full force of freedom in our natural state of being. To maintain our natural state can take some effort as we have been habituated to self-defeating thoughts and actions for so long that it takes the establishing of a new habit not to pick them up. But once you are clear you are not your thoughts, self-regulation can be easily adopted as a self-empowerment practice. As we stabilize in the natural self, we are less perturbed by the world around us and a strong sense of peace predominates our perspective.

Therapies by Linda


Wera Hack

"Working with Linda made me aware of my repeated self-destructive mind patterns"

"Working with Linda made me aware of my repeated self-destructive mind patterns. I learned that thoughts and beliefs completely lose their power once accepted not resisted. I am now able to deal with daily life challenges by stepping back, observing and intercepting these patterns with great tools. This is helping me tremendously in coping with daily situations, which I used to believe are beyond my control, and in managing my reoccurring anxiety attacks, which since Linda’s workshop have actually completely disappeared!"

"I saw immediately why I act and think the way I do"

"From the start of the workshop I saw immediately why I act and think the way I do. Working through the program opened a good insight into who I am and how to adjust my thoughts. This has helped me to get more from life. It also helped me to gain energy by letting needless thoughts go."
Special Needs Therapist

"I feel much lighter and freer"

"The workshop offered so much insight about myself and I am amazed how useful and effective it is in my daily life. It has given me a positive perspective on many levels. I feel much lighter and freer as I now know how to see the world with a brand-new pair of eyes!"

"I can choose to be whichever form of me I want"

"Since the workshop I have been letting go of the judgmental views of ‘me’s’ of the past… my choices, experiences, emotions that were seemingly outside my control… There is the realization that I can choose to be whichever form of me I want at any point in life… and for that I am thankful!"
HR Director

"Clarity on demanding situations"

"This training is appropriate for people who are interested to dive deep into self-management techniques and analysis. The workshop adds a different dimension to corporate thinking. It really helps provide clarity on some of the demanding situations as we are strongly attached to our actions, emotions and thoughts, and we seldom think from another perspective. The shift in thinking without attaching self to it makes a lot of difference and will help us tackle emotional outbursts."