Kate Whitehead

Master of Counselling (Monash University), Certified TRE® provider.
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Master of Counselling (Monash University), Certified TRE® provider, officially listed as TRE provider on traumaprevention.com.

Kate is a warm and empathic therapist. She was raised in Hong Kong and went to school here before going to the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In addition to being a qualified psychotherapist and TRE provider, Kate works as a journalist and was recently awarded the MIND HK Media Award, for her work covering mental health issues.

TRE and me

Kate has benefitted from TRE personally. She experienced chronic neck pain and migraines for more than 20 years and relied on migraine medication when she had an attack. After developing a TRE practice, the migraines have stopped and she is saving a fortune on physiotherapy.

What is TRE?

These simple exercises evoke a muscular shaking process in the body which helps the body release deep muscular patterns of stress or tension. When this shaking mechanism, known as a neurogenic tremor, is activated in a safe, controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return to a state of natural balance.

The tremors and other involuntary movements allow us to release long held tension patterns, stress and trauma from the body. This release allows the nervous system, which can get stuck in primitive survival strategies (commonly known as flight/flight/freeze), to reboot and balance.

What are the benefits of TRE?

Reported benefits include a decrease in chronic pain and muscular tension, less worry and tension, and greater emotional resiliency. Many people also report feeling calmer, more peaceful and having increased flexibility. The benefits are cumulative and the more we practice the more we gain. The body knows how it needs to heal, we just need to trust in it and switch off the stress response.

Is TRE for everyone?

Anyone who does the exercises will shake – though everyone’s shake is different. Although TRE can be learned and practised by people of all ages and fitness levels, it is not recommended for the very pregnant or for those who have had recent abdominal surgery.

TRE is intended to be a self-help system. After four to six sessions with an instructor, most people are then able to practise on their own at home.

Is TRE backed by scientific studies?

A case study published in July 2019 in Australia’s Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health describes the benefits derived from TRE in a soldier who had suffered PTSD following a car accident.

The soldier was put into an induced coma for six days after suffering fractures to his pelvis, ribs, face and skull, a dislocated collarbone and jaw, a collapsed lung, and crushed carotid artery. After facial reconstruction, he had six months of rehabilitation including physiotherapy and neuropsychology. Still, he suffered from anxiety, hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, “an inability to sit still” and being in “constant survival mode”.
He took a two-day course in TRE basics and regularly did the exercises. Within four months, he reported physical and psychological benefits, including sleeping better, feeling more self-reliant and motivated, and increased flexibility in his hips, pelvis and lower back.

To learn more please take a look at www.traumaprevention.com or www.trecollege.com whereby you can hear stories from people who have benefitted from TRE. There are stories and videos to watch to show you more about TRE.

Therapies by Kate



"TRE is like a jacuzzi."

"TRE is like a jacuzzi without the bubbles."

" I was surprised how quickly I felt a positive impact."

"While apprehensive at first, Kate immediately made me feel at ease with clear instruction, expectations, and simple to follow exercises. I was surprised how quickly I felt a positive impact and relaxed afterwards."
Jane Gray

"Kate is an excellent therapist and gives clear instructions in a very relaxed manner."

"Kate is an excellent therapist and gives clear instructions in a very relaxed manner. I loved the feeling of letting go. In these stressful times I can definitely recommend Kate’s TRE sessions."