Julian Eymann Originally a California surfer, Julian is a certified massage therapist of 20 years and a graduate of the International Massage Association. He is well versed in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release including his version of Trigger Point Release. Julian's passion for anatomy is put into action when he treats his clients with focused determination, like you are the most important person alive. Julian moved to Asia in 2005 and combines his techniques with Asian techniques including Thai Yoga Massage, Abdominal Massage and Acupressure. Julian has worked at a number of the World's most exclusive Spas, Yoga resorts, and Doctors offices around the world. A personal therapist to the world's most discerning, his celebrity clients include well known movie stars.

Holistic therapies offered:

Trigger Point Therapy

Julian’s trigger point sessions are the fastest and most direct way of identifying and working with very specific points on the body. It works to peel off old layers layers of old inflammation and chronic myofascial tension, the cause of restricted movement. Working the entire body with rocking and rotational motions to major joints, ligaments and tendons.

Structural Realignment

This multi­dimensional energy moving treatment uses Rolfing techniques to addresses every major joint in the body, utilizing just the right pressure at the right angles. Each of the vertebrae will be loosened to help realign them, making you feel younger, lighter and straighter

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

A combination of treatments, this massage uses maximum energy to create a unique, anti­gravity and anti aging effect. Injuries and multi musculoskeletal tightness is relieved with firm strokes using the elbow and forearm to realign the deeper layers of myofascial; muscles and connective tissue, helping to elongate the tissues and prevent future injury

Therapies by Julian Eymann